Game Discovery for the 22nd Century

Penny Arcade's Decide-o-tron 8000 app for the iPhone & iPad answers the age-old question of "What game should I play next?"

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Available on The App Store


  • Recommendations

    Covering all console, handheld, and PC games from the Xbox 360 to the GBA, the Decide-o-tron will determine what you want to play using patented logicore technology.

  • What's New

    See what really popular and famous people are playing as well as what’s coming out soon to retail shelves.

  • Library

    Primarily used to help the Decide-o-tron learn what you love and hate, the Library also serves as a robust portable catalog for your games. True convenience!

  • Wishlist

    Step 1: Put games on this list.
    Step 2: Send it to your friends and family.
    Step 3: Profit.

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    This is exactly what it sounds like.